Volunteering With Konojel Community Centre

Konojel is a local initiative that empowers the community of San Marcos and surrounding economies through sustainable nutrition and agriculture education.

The nutrition centre serves 60 meals a day to the most at-risk population of San Marcos; malnourished children, single and pregnant women, and the elderly. The centre runs trainings and workshops to educate the community on nutrition and health, focusing on hands-on activities and local super foods that can easily be integrated into their diets.

We have been volunteering at the centre for over a month now, helping out with activities for the kids. 

In our first week one of the boys asked to use my phone to take photos. I thought nothing of it until I reviewed the photos and saw the skilful eye of a young photographer. This sparked the idea to start a photography program with the children of Konojel.

Each day I take two kids with me, to a location of their choice, whether it be the park, their home, the lake, or the soccer field. We spend an hour talking about how to use the camera, lighting and how to frame a photograph.

At the end of the program I will select one photo from each of the children's portfolio's to print for them to take home and keep.

It's such a rewarding program, seeing the joy they have in taking photo's and seeing their local environment in new ways.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause or simply learn more about these beautiful children, simply click on the link below