Nicholas The Leather Man

We meet Nicholas one glorious afternoon as we strolled the welcoming streets of san juan. A warm and charismatic character, he spends his days sitting out the back of his humble store front, at his workbench with the sun streaming through the lemon tree, his three sons playing nearby. Nicholas has a long family history with leather 

Nicholas the artist behind our current leather goods has lived in San Juan (our neighbouring village) a short boat ride away his whole life. He is a strong character, proud, handsome and aware of his talents.

Nicholas is the first person in his family to stray away from the one hundred year old agriculture heritage that has been left behind – although he still keeps a small crop of corn and tomatoes and other veggies. He says it is his form of meditation. “When i have a creative block and i can’t think of designs or just get tired of it, i go to my garden for a few hours and i’m refreshed”.

Nicholas’ grandfather was one of the villages best hunters. Hunting animals for the village  he would never sell the meat, only trade or gift it, which was met with some ridicule, but paved the way for his families honest and community based nature.

As a result of his grandfathers hunting prowess, nicholas grew up with a house full of skins, hanging on walls for decoration and keeping the family warm in the colder months. With a (natural eye) strong passion for art he began to see the leather as more than just simple function and at 15 started to create art and fashion with it. He is able to support his family doing what loves and his three sons are now sharing a keen interest helping him in his home studio.

We really want to see nicholas extend his business from out of his home, buy new tools and let his creativity flourish.