Jardin - Colombia's Best Kept Secret

We arrive in the quaint pueblo of Jardin, a three hour bus ride from Medellin, not knowing what to expect. This isn't a place you will find listed in The Lonely Planet. This is a place discovered only through speaking with locals who proudly describe it as the most beautiful village in Colombia. With it's old worldly cobbled streets, dollhouse-like casa's painted in a kaleidoscope of colours and velvety green surrounding mountains, it's not hard to understand why.

With not a tourist in sight, we explore the towns lively zocalo (town square), bustling with Saturday night frivolity. Street vendors abound, selling the typical Colombian fried delicacies, while hundreds of colourfully painted tables skirt the square, occupied by the gentile townsfolk.

Horses prance around the cobbled streets wearing their best attire for the Saturday night parade. The men talk in groups, outside of pool halls, wearing traditional cowboy hats, while the women sit at tables sipping coffee and indulging in the many sweets on offer, as they discuss the most recent town scandal. The ominous yet exquisite cathedral overlooks the nights activities, with a constant reminder every hour of it's presence by the humbling toll of bells ringing. This charming town has instantly become our favourite village in all of Colombia... but let’s keep it that between you & me.