The Trip Of A Lifetime - Sydney to Kakadu


'You'll Never Never Know If You Never Never Go'...

Sydney to The Kakadu

A photo journal

As Australians, I’d say we are some of the luckiest humans on the planet! Our country is diverse, steeped in natural wonders; we have a rich spiritual history and eccentric wildlife to say the least. Why then, do most of us, myself included, spend most of our travel time traipsing off to far corners of the globe, forgetting about our own incredible backyard?

I had been hearing whispers from my oldest friends, they were planning a truly epic motorcycle journey from our home town Sydney, west into South Australia and then all the way north passing through the Flinders Ranges, Uluru and finishing at the top of Australia at Kakadu National Park. 

It had been twelve years since I first left Sydney, destined for adventure with a rusty van and backpack full of naivety.  This time I had a trusty motorbike, a lighter backpack and a heart that was still filled with a boyish lust for adventure and desire to disconnect from the world.

Long open roads, starlit skies, red sands and my closest friends, it was pure magic. 

I love these boys like brothers and this was the sort of trip I'd been dreaming of since I started travelling. Camping on red dirt, no phone signal, good whiskey and silence.