A Guide To Mazunte, Oaxaca

Sunset over Punta Cometa

Sunset over Punta Cometa


Emily and I left Sydney just as those summer vibes were peeking through the clouds! Well lets be honest…it’s Sydney - it was never that cloudy.

We have been living in Oaxaca city for the last few months and truly craving the beach! Beach withdrawals are REAL people! Growing up on the coast you end up relying on it. I go there to decompress, to laugh, to spend time with friends and to be reminded that I’m tiny and my world is just a little speck of sand! Diving into a vast ocean and letting go of everything is my favourite meditation.

Mazunte is a tiny little hippy town on Mexico’s Pacific coast. A six hour drive from Oaxaca City or a 30 minute flight, it was once a well kept secret, now a hippy’s magical manifestation. It’s no longer a secret but it still a world away from resorts and with a little help you can find yourself alone on a beach watching a local fisherman appear from the ocean with his daily catch.

The View From Punta Cometa

The View From Punta Cometa

Punta Cometa

Punta Cometa


Go to Mazunte if you’re looking for:

  • A place to walk around in bare-feet and minimal clothing

  • Excellent variety and quality of food for a small town (heaps of Veggo options)

  • A plethora of yoga studios and retreats

  • A place to swim, snooze, eat, swim, eat and then swim some more

Mazunte may not be for you if:

  • You’re looking for a resort style holiday

  • You don’t get along well with humidity

  • You’re offended by nipples or dreadlocks

San Agustinillo  Dali Nelio

San Agustinillo Dali Nelio


Our Fave Eats

Kinda a weird that none of them are Mexican, don’t get me wrong, I love Mexican food. But we live in Oaxaca city and the options are endless so we get excited when we find good international food.

All of these delicious places are within about 50 meters from each other in Mazunte’s main street leading to the beach.

La Pizzeria $ - Big share tables, open air, great vibes and amazing pizza! Enjoy the local buskers (some more than others) while sipping on a class of chilled red.

Alesandros  $ - Directly across the road from La Pizzeria, this is the real deal (I’m Italian – trust me!). This place gets busy, so book ahead.

Lon Tou Chinese $ - Good Asian food is hard to come by in Mexico, so we were stocked to find this place! Decked out in chintzy Chinese décor with a cute resident cat to sit on your lap as you savour your dim sums.

Cocosun $ - I think we indulged ourselves with delicious vegan ice-cream here everyday (except devastatingly on Monday’s when they’re closed). Made from coconut milk and agave with flavours such as chocolate (fave) and avocado and spirulina for the adventurous.

Luz del Sol - A plethora of healthy options including juices, salads, burritos and most importantly raw desserts! Located on the main street of San Agustinillo. Closed Wednesday & Thursday’s.

El Navegante - Disclaimer: we didn’t actually eat here because we ran out of time and room in our bellies! The menu looked amazing and came highly recommended. Make a booking because it gets busy.



Our Fave Beach Spots

La Boquilla – 30 minutes drive from Mazunte. The road down is a little rough but do-able in a car. Despite there being a hotel connected to the beach, it’s not over-crowded, and it’s handy when you want a drink or a spot of lunch to break up your rhythm of swimming and napping

Las Mina – 30 min drive from Mazunte. The road down is a little rough, but we managed it in a pretty beat up car. We had the beach to ourselves with the exception of a friendly local fishing family. Bring a snorkel and snacks.

San Agustinillo – There’s a nice little spot here – I wouldn’t go out of your way to go here but if you’re staying in San Agustinillo it’s a nice spot, wave free, not crowded like the main beach https://www.google.com/maps/place/Mazunte,+Oaxaca/@15.6651524,-96.5480485,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x85b9283dbb43db71:0x696048df9626e56e!8m2!3d15.6677291!4d-96.5545185

Playa Rinconcito – Fun waves and close to all of the restaurants mentioned above. Plenty of hippy watching to be done.

Things To Do

Nothing! Absolutely nothing!!! But if you do find yourself a little restless after days of relaxing:

  • Punta Cometa – A relatively easy 20 minute walk to the southernmost point of Oaxaca. Take some beers, watch the sunset and try to spot whales in the distance.

  • Turtle Conservation Centre - We didn’t go as we were in full beach bum mode, but it’s been highly recommended and hello: Turtles!

  • Head over to Zipolite and enjoy two for one cocktails at one of the many beach side bars

Zipolite Sunset  Brooklyn Tropicali

Zipolite Sunset Brooklyn Tropicali


 How To Get There

CAR –  A six hour drive from Oaxaca City. If you suffer from motion sickness this is not the route for you. Having a car to get around between beaches is super handy though and it’s a beautiful drive through the fresh mountain air.

BUS – This is the cheapest option, but as we mentioned the road is windy as hell! You can take collectivos between towns, they pass through the main town regularly.

PLANE – More expensive but well worth it if you suffer from motion sickness.