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Well Wandered - Travel Tips & Wanderlust

One of the aspects I love most about travel is the people that you meet along the way. Often you connect over a shared love of travel, but sometimes if you’re lucky, you connect over something deeper, something unspoken… perhaps a kindred spirit.

One such person was Susan the creator of Brooklyn Tropicali, an inspiring and informative travel blog. Susan shares with us her travel tips from making the most of a limited travel wardrobe to forging friendships on the road.

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A Guide To Mazunte, Oaxaca

Mazunte is a tiny little hippy town on Mexico’s Pacific coast. A six hour drive from Oaxaca City or a 30 minute flight, it was once a well kept secret, now a hippy’s magical manifestation. It’s no longer a secret but it still a world away from resorts and with a little help you can find yourself alone on a beach watching a local fisherman appear from the ocean with his daily catch.

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A Cure for Inner City Blues

I had just arrived in Purmamaca after hours of bending and winding through the beautiful Andes. It was a surreal ride, half way through the journey the endless skies melted away into unforgivable fog, it was impossible to see more than 15 meters in front of the bus and we were driving along those cliff faces that your Mum begs you not to go near. 

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Maximon - The Mayan God Of Adultery

When we visited this strange effigy, in what seemed to be someone’s garage, a medicine man sat to the right, nodding off periodically, identifiable only by a red scarf. The statue itself is quite small, made of wood and dressed in multiple satin scarves. A lit cigarette hangs limply from his mouth, as the ashes as are collected below to be later used as an offering or some type of healing agent.

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