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The Trip Of A Lifetime - Sydney to Kakadu

As Australians, I’d say we are some of the luckiest humans on the planet! Our country is diverse, steeped in natural wonders; we have a rich spiritual history and eccentric wildlife to say the least. Why then, do most of us, myself included, spend most of our travel time traipsing off to far corners of the globe, forgetting about our own incredible backyard?

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Maximon - The Mayan God Of Adultery

When we visited this strange effigy, in what seemed to be someone’s garage, a medicine man sat to the right, nodding off periodically, identifiable only by a red scarf. The statue itself is quite small, made of wood and dressed in multiple satin scarves. A lit cigarette hangs limply from his mouth, as the ashes as are collected below to be later used as an offering or some type of healing agent.

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