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Hamish Tame of Le Specs Eyewear

After endless business trips, Hamish Tame, creative director at Sunshades Eyewear and Le Specs designer, has the art of travel nailed - he sure taught me a thing or two about making the most of a long haul flight and hitting the ground running (thanks for always sharing your face mist with me). Here we chat to Hame about his favorite hotels around the world and what is always in his carry on luggage.

You travel a lot for work, which can often mean hitting the ground running after an 8 hour + flight – what are your tips for getting a good night’s sleep on the plane?

For so many years sleeping tablets were my go to for a good sleep, however in the last year or so I have found it really great to meditate when I get on board to chill out and get some sleep.

What items are always in your carry-on luggage?

As soon as I board, I lather on this great Aesop face mask to stop my face from drying up, and I always carry a toothbrush and deodorant to try and feel as fresh as possible when I land.

How do you research a new destination? Are there any resources that you can share with us?

For accommodation my go-to websites are www.mrandmrssmith.com and www.tablethotels.com because they always have really cool and interesting hotels. I also like to read articles on www.cntraveller.com about the destination to get a vibe and tips before I travel. 

How many pairs of sunnies do you travel with and how do you decide which ones to take?

I generally take around six or so sunglasses with me on holidays, and make sure there is a good variety of different looks packed for all occasions with something casual, classic, jazzy, bright etc.


(Clockwise from top left) Nitro AU$129, Body Bumpin AU$59, The Coupe AU$119, Illumination AU$69

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive to get a feel for the destination?

I love to walk around the for a few hours when I arrive at a new destination to get my bearings and the vibe town.

What are your top three favourite hotels around the world?

  1. The Langham Hong Kong – we spend a lot of time here for work, and it always feels like home. I also love the smell when you arrive… is that weird?

  2. Sunset Tower in Hollywood – it feels like you’ve stepped back into the 195o’s, and it’s a celeb-spotting bonanza.

  3. Grand Hotel Tremezzo – this is definitely one of the bougiest hotels I’ve stayed at, and has an amazing pool floating over the lake in the middle of Lake Como.

Riad de Tarabel  Marrakech

Riad de Tarabel Marrakech

Who is the most interesting person you’ve sat next to on a plane/bus/boat?

I am not a talker on the plane, so I’m not sure because I wouldn’t have said much to them other than a polite “hello”. I was sitting behind Richard Branson a few years back on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne and was impressed to see him flying economy!

What is your most treasured overseas purchase?

I like to buy something for the house or kitchen every time I’m on holidays rather than souvenirs. We bought the cutest handmade espresso cups in San Gimignano, Tuscany a few years back and drinking from them each day reminds us of the holiday.  

Has travel ever inspired a new collection of sunnies or personal style?

Yes, all the time. Every time I am on holidays, I come back with a million new ideas. Our Le Specs collection launching in January 2020 has a lot of references and colours inspired by our holiday last year in Marrakesh.

Camel safari Morocco

Camel safari Morocco

What are your tips for dealing with the dreaded jetlag?

My biggest tips for tackling jetlag are firstly to stay hydrated, and secondly as soon as you board only refer to the time at your destination - don’t keeping referring to what time it is at home, because this makes the jetlag so much worse.

As a traveller some of my biggest anxieties come from missing a flight and an airline losing my luggage – you’ve been lucky enough to experience both. What are you tips for dealing with these situations?

Haha! I have unfortunately missed a bunch of flights, and now it makes me quite anxious, so I always arrive at the airport early and just chill out rather than arriving at the very last minute.
Our luggage was lost in Spain for three days on our honeymoon last year – my only tip here is to take a deep breath and not let it ruin your holiday, because there is literally nothing else you can do other than wait for it to show up.

What are three things you NEVER travel without?

  1. Noise cancelling headphones – they make such a huge difference to having a peaceful flight.

  2. Power Bank – so you don’t stress when you see that your phone is on 2%.

  3. Hydralyte – to stay hydrated on the plane, and when you arrive.  

What are your top travel tips?

  1.  Have an extra credit card with you, to save the stress if your credit card is cancelled while you’re away.

  2. Download Google Translate to help you with foreign languages.

  3. Ask the hotel for their restaurant recommendations, they are always more local than the top restaurants on TripAdvisor.

And lastly, be honest, how many times have you schedule a photo shoot in a tropical paradise to sneak in a quick holiday?

Haha!  Quite a few times, but I wish I had done it more!

On location in the Maldives - tough gig

On location in the Maldives - tough gig

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